The Ultimate Guide to Beating an Escape Room

If you’re looking to beat an Escape Room then we’ve got just the thing for you, because we’re going to be giving you the ultimate guide to beating the game. You might love this so much you want to get better at beating the clock, or you need to prove to yourself you can do it after several failed attempts.

Someone to lead you

Find someone who can manage the whole shebang. They’ll be there to shout encouragement and give direction to the rest of the team, and they won’t necessarily have to take part either. They’ll throw out various instructions and point people to where they think clues are.

Common clues and themes

You’ll need to look out for common denominators, something in common with each clue, once you identify the kind of codes which are being used in the room, it’ll help you find the rest of them in the room. A common code will be used throughout the room in each clue so look out for a theme and then it should help you find the rest of them.

Familiarity – the layout is always similar in most Escape Rooms

All Escape Rooms are designed a certain way so that once you get used to it, and you’ve visited a few times, you’ll be able to recognise certain elements and principles that apply to all of them. This should help you save time and by familiarising yourself with the layout of an Escape Room, you’ll have a far better chance of getting out.

Pick the best people you know

Pick a team of co-workers or friends that you have something in common with. It won’t work as well if you have people around you who you’re not likely to get on with, or who you have nothing in common with, or never see. A harmonious team is more than likely going to be a winning team.

Keep an eye on the number of participants

While we’re on the subject of winning teams, try to keep your numbers down, preferably to under the maximum amount so you’re not bumping into one another, but don’t use the minimum amount either or there’ll be two much work for too little people and it’ll take you much longer.

Don’t stay stuck on any particular clues

If you get stuck on a puzzle, please don’t stay on it forever. If you’re all gathered around it for too long one of two things will happen. You’ll either lose too much time you could have been using to find other valuable clues, or you’ll give yourself a splitting headache - and still lose.

Escape Edinburgh – for those who love a challenge

So, know you know you can beat the clock and we sincerely hope you do. We can’t wait to see you at Escape Edinburgh , so book your themed room online or over the phone.