Why You Should Book an Escape Room Birthday Party

Birthday party anyone? If you’re cringing at the very thought of a party, then perhaps you should be spending your special day here with us at Escape Games Edinburgh. This is because it’s one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday. And what better way than to celebrate it than with an Escape Game Challenge in one of our themed rooms? If you’re looking for something more mellow than a big party, but more exciting than a gathering round a dinner table, then Escape Games Edinburgh is the place to be come birthday time. 

Birthday parties can be expensive

Birthday parties can be costly. Whether you celebrate in the pub or hire a venue, once you’ve paid for all the food, entertainment, etc, you’ve spent a considerable amount of money. With Escape Room Games you pay only for your ticket in and everyone else can pay for their own, or they can pay for yours too as part of a birthday treat and then it’s just you and your mates. 

Live entertainment game for those that love to talk

Yes, it’s a great opportunity to communicate and because it’s an interactive game it requires everyone taking part. Everyone communicates, and corporate teams often use Escape to watch everyone’s style and ways of interacting with each other. Of course at a birthday party you won’t be doing this, but you will have the opportunity to have fun with your favourite people.

Escape Rooms are for everyone

Yes, although anyone under 16 will need to be supervised, but as long as there’s an adult with them, they can take part too. You don’t need to be genius to play, it’s not hard, and yes a child can definitely play to win. Escape Rooms are for the whole family - what better way to celebrate a birthday than with the very people you enjoy spending time with? Your family and friends are also the one group of people you can be at ease with.

No, you don’t like birthday parties, dinner-parties or surprises

If you’re shy and you like to be in a small group of friends, a large gathering might be the last thing you’d want, and who can blame you? If you don’t fancy walking into a crowded room full of friends and family bellowing happy birthday at you, perhaps Escape Room Games is the very best alternative, and just the thing to keep you happy. Small groups in an intimate setting, but also having tremendous fun. What could be better than this?

Escape Edinburgh - for the best birthday celebration ever

If you’re sick of traditional birthday parties, you hate surprises and no, you don’t want to sit around a dinner table making boring conversation with people you’d rather not be in a room with, why not book a room with us and have a truly brilliant time on your birthday. A nice intimate setting, one room, a group of friends and some clues to discover, working against the clock. Book online or over the phone and we’ll see you here at Escape Edinburgh!