Why Are Escape Rooms So Popular?

Escape rooms are popular for a variety of reasons and today we’re going to be exploring just a few of them. You’ve probably realised that team building is big right now, and the reason for this is that it’s such a great way to help create a team that fosters collaboration, forward thinking, risk taking, communication and building confidence. Escape games are great for team building, so we get a lot of corporate businesses booking our rooms. We also get a whole host of other types of people using our rooms too, so read on to see why escape rooms are so popular. 

Why escape rooms are popular with corporate teams?

Firstly, let’s tackle everything we said about corporate team building. Escape rooms are great for fostering a sense of inclusion and breaking the ice between newbies and more established team members. Being locked in a room and only having an hour to escape, and in which to find the clues, means you must communicate, collaborate and use your initiative, all skills that are crucial to a business. 

Corporate teams are popular at our escape rooms especially here in Edinburgh and we’re more than happy to welcome them to our venue. Here the team leader can spot strengths and weaknesses and work on how to utilize what they see. 

Who else comes to Escape Rooms?

All types of people use the escape rooms and they can be anything from groups of hen and stag do teams looking to celebrate the impending nuptials and help those who don’t know each other to bond before the ceremonies and celebrations. They’re also popular with students as again, they offer the ideal ice breaker remedy where students new to their peers can unwind and relax and turn their hand to a game that will take them right out of their comfort zone, while at the same time give them the perfect opportunity to bond.

Escape Room Themes

All of our rooms aren’t just filled with clues and puzzles and nothing else, they’re all themed. All themes vary depending on which city you visit, but here at Edinburgh we have the following: - 221B Baker Street, The Experiment, Houdini’s workshop, Escape Casino, Area 51, Contagion, and our latest incarnation, which opened in June - The Magic Emporium. These well-known cultural themes help to make our escape rooms in Edinburgh really popular with our visitors. 

Take on the Escape Challenge

So now you know why our escape rooms are so popular what’s stopping you from making your way down here? Whether you’re a permanent resident in Edinburgh or you’re here on a visit, whoever you are, you’re more than welcome to be the next visitor who’s bowled over by the escape games phenomena. Get in touch today and book your room, and then the adventure will truly begin.