What are Escape Rooms?

We’re talking about our escape rooms in Edinburgh today in case you’re in any doubt as to what they are. What we do know is that they’re extremely popular, and lots of people from all different lifestyles are enjoying them. We’re going to use this post to explain to you what they are, so you’ll feel more confident when you eventually pay us a visit. 

Escape games are rooms where teams of friends or family are locked in for 60 minutes.

In that time, they must find their way out by solving a series of clues and puzzles, if you don’t solve them all in time, you don’t win the game. Of course, we do let you escape the room at the end of the hour, we don’t let you stay there indefinitely! 

Our rooms are usually themed, yes, that’s each one.

It can be any number of different subjects based on popular cultural themes, anything really from Sherlock Holmes to Harry Potter. It really helps you to get in the mood and enjoy the game all the better. You can dress up yourself too if that helps you to get into the zone, or just come as you are. We really don’t mind!

Although you have only one hour to get out, if you don’t manage it you can always try again. However, if you find that during the hour you feel like leaving the room, then by all means go, we won’t force you to stay and you can leave at any time. 

The fun of the game of course is not only in escaping the room but of beating the clock.

Do you have what it takes to get out before the hour is up? It does take some serious team work and by working together to solve the clues, you have a far better chance of getting out. 

Escape Edinburgh – for escape rooms that bring the fun back into games.

If you’d like to try them yourself now you have a better understanding of what they are, why not get in touch to book your escape room? We can’t wait to see you, and the rooms are all ready for you to get started, it’s easy to book online or you can call us to do it, whichever methods you use, we can’t wait to see you there.