What Type of Event are Escape Rooms Good For?

Here in Edinburgh we have our escape rooms, all themed, all waiting to be discovered by you and whoever….Who exactly comes here I wonder? What type of event is an escape room good for, it’s for anyone who enjoys a good time with friends, who want to test their metal mentally as well as socially, for people enjoy games but want to get away from the board games at home and the virtual reality hell of computers. 

If you’re organising a night out, you might be wondering what on earth you can come up with to keep everyone entertained. You want it to be special and one that no one will ever forget, an evening that everyone who took part remembers fondly. 


Escape games are perfect for people who enjoy interactive puzzles and searching for hidden clues and all played against the clock. All rooms are themed, and there’s the fun, they’re themes from popular culture. Whether it’s Harry Potter or Sherlock Holmes, or Cluedo even, it’ll be a room where you can get your game on play with specially chosen friends.

Date Nights

Maybe your event is a date night and you’d like to impress the other half. How can you organise an evening where you get to interact, have fun and if it’s a first time, a not-too-intimate-at-first date night with a potential long-term boyfriend/girlfriend? Well, escape rooms are a perfect way to start the ball rolling. You’ll have fun, immersed in a game where you’ll laugh work together as a team and the whole hour will go by faster than you realise. Perhaps you’ll realise how much you enjoyed spending that first hour of your lives together and perhaps you’d like to spend another one down the pub later, after all you’ll be wanting to discuss tactics.

Team Building

Corporate teams are very popular here and if you manage one, you may find this is the perfect venue for a team building activity. Your team will have to utilise different skills in order to find the clues, work out the puzzle to unlock the door. It’s a great way to get people out of the office, away from their desks and communicating with each other. And if you’re looking to see who’s the sharpest – in line with a much thought out promotion or you’re looking to see who needs some training, this is a great way to do it, although a sneaky method. They’ll have plenty to talk about once they’re back at base.

A Range of Celebrations

This is great for birthdays, anniversaries, hen or stag dos or simply to help your friend celebrate passing their driving test. What could be more fun than spending an hour enjoying time with friends, creating memories you’ll never forget – a moment always to be associated a home win by one of your closest friends. Perhaps you have a close friend who’s getting married, this is a great way to celebrate and if you’ve been tasked with organising the do, then this is a worthy venue for your special event. Surprise the groom or bride to be with a special get together at Escape Edinburgh and they’ll be thanking you for it later – as well as talking about it forever.


There are a million and one ways to celebrate a friend’s special unique win, or perhaps just to celebrate that friendship, or it’s just an excuse to spend time with the favourite people in your life. Spending time in a room that’s dressed up in your favourite movie or board game, it’s the best way to spend an hour with your favourite people. They’re all designed to test your skills, immerse yourself into an imaginative world, and create stories you’ll never want to forget. We’ve worked hard to create these special moments and we know they work because we see the impact first-hand on those that take part.

Choose Your Theme

What will your story be? Will you be involved in the hokum of The Magic Emporium, criminal bunkum at 221B Baker Street, or sci-fi madness in Area 51? There’s more and it’s up to you which one you all choose, what we can say is this, once you’ve been and tried it, you’ll want to do it all over again. If you’re looking to create some great memories and have simply the best venue for your event – it has to be Escape Edinburgh, book your escape room today!