Escape Room Hints and Tips

Are you trying to arrange an escape room activity and need some tips on how to get out within the time limit? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to talk you through a few little hints and tips we think may help, for inside the room and out.

Work Together, Not Against Each Other

Firstly, the team. You’re going to be locked in a room with a group of people and you’re going to have to work together. If it’s a work team building exercise the whole point is to bond with new and existing team members so you might not have a choice who you’re locked in a room with. It won’t look good if you’re quibbling about who you have to rub shoulders with, and it won’t make a good impression on your boss.

Pick the Best Skills Available.

However, for the rest of you, if this is a friends and family outing, perhaps you’re arranging it as a birthday surprise, then choose carefully who you choose to be locked in a room with. Choose people who you know have good maths skills, who have great ideas, and who is good at communicating? Choose people who you will be able to work together and are familiar to each other and naturally, who also like each other!

Don’t Let Anyone Dominate Proceedings

Yes, you’ll have people who are good on ideas and communication, but what you don’t want is one person who dominates the entire thing. Someone who feels they should take control and work out all the puzzles and clues by themselves. No, that’s not what you need, working as a team is what’s needed, with everyone getting a fair chance to crack the clues and puzzles.

Observe and Pay Attention

Make sure that all of you observe carefully everything around you. Don’t sit still because every minute counts and there’s a potential clue in every book or chair in that room. There’s the odd red herring, but it’s worth considering every viable clue you can find, one of them is going to turn up trumps.

Don’t Lose Anything

Keep track of everything you find because you’ll need to put it all together to solve a puzzle or two, so don’t leave things lying around, or worse still lose them. Everything is strategically placed somewhere in that room for a reason, so you can piece together a clue that helps you get out.

Escape Edinburgh – Put Your Problem Solving Skills to the Test

Think you’ve got it now? Do you think you’re up to our escape room challenge? If you are then why not head down to Escape Edinburgh and try out our hints and tips and see if you can beat the 60-minute challenge. We have a choice of themed rooms and you can pit yourself against each other in teams of more than one, which one of you will escape first? Take a look around our website and then why not get in touch to book a room? It’ll be the best fun you can have and it’ll be the best talking point ever!