How to Be Successful In an Escape Room

So, you’ve got an escape room booked and you’re looking into ways you can win? Perhaps you’ve carried out research online and you want to be successful because after all, what’s the point in taking part if you can’t win? We get it, and because we live and breath escape all the time, we know them pretty well, so we’ve put together a blog post on tips to be successful in an escape room – we hope you find it useful!

Helpful Hints:

Make sure you have the right balance in your team. You want a group of people who all have different talents, skills such as attention to detail, being observant, problem-solving and quick thinking are all useful in an escape room. You also want to choose a nice small compact team that will work well together, people who get on and who won’t end up squabbling in a corner. You want a small group rather than a larger one because you’re going to be trapped in a room for some time, so you don’t want to be that up close and personal.

Check Everything In The Room

Make sure that once you are locked in, you all check every single item. That would include picture frames, book shelves, inside the books if there are any, under objects and if it’s not pinned down check it. A clue could be anywhere!

Keep Your Clues Where You Can Find Them

Once you’ve solved a clue and you have another part of the puzzle to help you escape, don’t lose it, keep all your finds with one person or in one place. You don’t want to lose one or more of your all-important clues, because each one is there to help you escape the room.

Always Move On If You’re Stuck On One Clue

You only have 60 minutes to escape, so don’t stick with just one clue, if you’re struggling, then leave it for now and go on to the next one, you can always come back to it later.

Let Everyone Have Their Turn To Speak

Make sure you listen to each other, don’t shout over people, make sure each person has an opportunity to contribute. You’re all in there to get out and you all have a part to play, ignore someone at your peril, they may have solved part of the puzzle.

Need a Hint? If You Really Are Stuck, Then Ask For Help

You can always ask for a hint from the team, wave at the camera or perhaps there are other ways of getting one. It’s better to ask for help than to lose, you only have 60 minutes so make the most of the time you have.

Escape Edinburgh

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