Things To Do In Edinburgh This Summer

If you’re looking for things to do in Edinburgh while you’re here this summer, then this post should help you to choose some events to attend. There suitable for both adults and children and cover a broad range of topics, from music to history, art to comedy. You should find the list quite comprehensive, so whether you’re here for a week on business, or a fortnight on vacation, we hope you find our list useful, so read on and fill your boots with our list of things to do in Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe

The worlds most famous arts festival is held in August each year for 3 weeks in Edinburgh. There’s an amazing choice of performers from comedy to dance and physical theatre, cabaret to musicals and opera. It has a wonderful history and place in the heart of everyone who attends or takes part. If you’d like to visit during your time in Edinburgh then do, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime.

Holyrood Park & Arthur's Seat

Here at Holyrood Park and Arthur’s Seat is ample opportunity to soak up Scotland’s wonderful history with over 600 acres of breathtaking landscape with Arthur’s Seat being the most famous. You’ll also find St Anthony’s Chapel which is a 15th century medieval chapel and Duddingston Loch. There’s plenty of bird life as well as geological facts which may be of interest. A definite must if you love history and architecture.

Princes Street Gardens

The Gardens are open to the public with access from different gates along the famous Princes Street. It’s only 5 minutes away from the high street, so you don’t have far to go to find it. There’s East Princes Street Gardens as well as West Princes Street Gardens which you’ll find near Waverley Station and National Gallery Complex. You’ll get some wonderful views and plenty of history to keep you interested.

The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

From the 5th to the 27th of August you can experience the magnificence of the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo at its finest. It’s marching, music and all the splendour this event can muster. If you fancy it then make your way to Edinburgh Castle this August.

Edinburgh International Film Festival

From the 15th to the 26th of June, you can experience the Edinburgh International Film Festival. An opportunity to enjoy all that film has to offer. Established shortly after the Second World War, the Festival has been showing the most interesting films from all over the world. It’s ambitious yet intimate, both passionate and exciting, if you like film, then the Edinburgh International Film Festival is for you. You’ll find it on 88 Lothian Road.

Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival

A Jazz & Blues Festival set in the late 70s which has been going strong ever since. Founded by Mike Hart, a guitarist and banjo-player, has created this mammoth music festival for jazz and blues lovers everywhere. The Festival is held across several venues, which you’ll find listed on their website.

Edinburgh Art Festival

From the 28th July to the 28th of August you’ll find the Edinburgh Art Festival which celebrates the visual arts and held across a number of galleries, museums. There will be at least 40 exhibitions this year and it’s well worth seeing. If you want to indulge your inner artist then the Edinburgh Art Festival is for you. You can find out more at 2 Market Street in Edinburgh.

The Royal Mile

A street full of the best restaurants, shops and museums which you can explore at leisure. This street is full of history and culture and there are plenty of beautiful historical monuments to see here. There are plenty of cafés, pubs and shops for you to sit down and rest, and shops to buy some souvenirs before moving on.

So there you have it, a list of things to do in Edinburgh during the summer months for you, your family and friends. We hope you have a great time, it’s well worth a visit as Edinburgh is such a beautiful city, culturally rich and historically fascinating.