Things To Do in Edinburgh For Couples

If you’re looking for things to do in Edinburgh as a couple, then why not read our list of things to do in this wonderful city, and you’re bound to find something to suit your tastes.  

A Night at the Theatre

A versatile selection of performances awaits you, from musical theatre to opera at the National, Festival and King’s theatres in Edinburgh. A wide selection of choices for all tastes, so if you’re looking for an evening’s entertainment, then try one of Edinburgh’s impressive theatres.

Cuddle Up With a Cat

Yes, you heard, cuddle up with a cat, and we don’t mean stay at home in front of the telly. What we are suggesting however, is that you go to the Maison de Moggy and experience the unique experience of drinking tea and eating cake with a cat in your lap.

Garden Stroll

If you both love plants and the natural world, then vist the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh where they’ve been studying plants for the best part of over 300 years. There’s plenty to see and do here to keep you occupied.

Visit Museums

There are plenty of great museums here in Edinburgh, so if you like history and looking at things which have an important link with the past, then visit one of the city’s museums. 

Ice Skating

If you fancy yourself as a skater, then why not make your way to Murrayfield and have a quick skate around the ice rink. It’s a great way of spending an afternoon as a couple but remember to wear suitable clothing, something warm and comfortable.  

Visit The Stand Comedy Club

The Stand comedy club in Edinburgh is one of the best way to get your comedy fix of an evening, with a variety of different quality comedy acts. It’s a great way to spend time together as a couple too and you get to spend the evening laughing.

Ghost Tours

Mercat Tours are perfect for a good old fashioned ghost walk. You’ll find there’s a variety of different walks including ones based on Edinburgh’s history, and their team of storytellers are an expert group of people who know how to tell a story. So, if you’re in the mood for a magical afternoon or evening of storytelling mixed with ghostly tales and historically fascinating facts, then choose Mercat Tours who can help you see another side to Edinburgh.

Visiting the Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo is famous for its pandas, but it has so much more in terms of a seriously impressive animal’s collection and world-famous attractions. 

Explore Edinburgh Castle

If you love history, beautiful views and a fascinating insight into one of Edinburgh’s’ proudest and most noble monuments, then a visit to Edinburgh Castle is a must.

Climb Arthur's Seat

Climb the Holyrood Royal Park which is only a short distance from Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and you’ll be able to reach Arthur’s Seat. This is an ancient volcano which is over 200 metres above sea level, you get some beautiful views of the city from here. 

Stay in the Luxury Balmoral Hotel

Balmoral is famous for its Royal connections and it’s also a building of great historical interest with stunning views, boasting 5 star facilities and wonderful hospitality. It was once a railway hotel and it still operates as a hotel today.

Whisky Experience

A Scotch whisky tour from which you can choose a variety of different tours to suit your tastes. There’s also the Amber Restaurant which is attached to the Whisky Experience if you fancy a bite to eat.

Visit Edinburgh's Camera Obscura

This is one of Edinburgh’s oldest attractions, opening in the first half of the 19th century. There’s plenty to keep you busy with tricks, illusions, puzzles and special effects with two new exhibitions as well. You can use the camera obscura to see the city in panoramic style, this clever camera has been a source of fascination for nearly 200 years.