Coming Soon to Edinburgh: Noughts & Coffees - The Board Game Café

We’re excited to say that soon Escape will have both ends of the puzzle spectrum covered. Our live escape games provide you with a race against time – an adrenaline fuelled thriller in which you have an hour to unravel the clues, find the secrets, and get out. Inspired by our love of puzzles, our next venture is somewhat more sedate, yet equally challenging and enjoyable.

We present to you Noughts & Coffees - The Board Game Café.

A what café?

Don’t believe the haters: board games are still great fun. They challenge you to think strategically, they get your brain working, and they bring people together. One of the things we particularly love seeing at our escape games is that people’s mobile phones tend to stay in their pockets for the duration of their visit. Considering everyone is otherwise glued to them, it’s quite heartening to see people interacting with each other in the real world for a change.

We want to create a café environment where friends and families can get together to enjoy some quality time with each other. It provides a refreshing alternative to a world based predominantly on the internet. What could be more fun than getting together to play game of Monopoly with a few coffees, or Battleships with cakes?

Why are you branching out into cafés?

If you think about it, our escape games are about bringing people together and challenging them. A board game café isn’t so different, and we were inspired to try the idea in the same way as we were with our escape games.

Board game cafés are doing very well in Asia, and also in Canada, a place where live escape games were readily embraced before they had become mainstream. We can look to those places and see an emerging trend – geek chic is in right now, and we are convinced that this kind of experience is something that people want.

How does a board game café work?

If our crowdfunding campaign goes to plan all games will be free to play, with just a small deposit to cover any damage to the board or accessories. You and your fellow players will simply take a table, get stuck in to your favourite game, and use the service button to have drinks, light food, and lots of cake delivered to your table.

We intend to have a mixture of classic games, such as Monopoly, Risk, and Chess, as well as more modern titles such as 7 Wonders and A Game of Thrones. We have things such as Guess Who and Battleships as well, so it’ll be a perfect place to bring your kids.

What about escape games?

We are working on a site that is big enough for our escape games and the café to be situated in the same location. You could spend the morning running around solving clues in one of our three themed escape games, then catch your breath and have a light lunch before wiling away the afternoon playing Monopoly.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news in future.