Things To Do In Edinburgh if You Love Museums

If you love museums, then you may be wondering where you can find the best things to do in Edinburgh. Well, look no further, because we’ve done all the hard work for you in finding some for the best that museums Edinburgh has to offer.

Read on to find out about how you can keep yourself entertained with Edinburgh’s fascinating history.

Royal Yacht Britannia

This is one of the top things to do in Edinburgh according to trip advisor – The Royal Yacht Britannia which once played host to the likes of Nelson Mandela and Sir Winston Churchill. You can find out about its history before embarking with amazing photographs of this impressive Royal Yacht. You’ll find The Royal Yacht Britannia at the Ocean Terminal in Leith.

National Museum of Scotland

Here at the National Museum of Scotland you’ll find an impressive collection of artefacts from scent bottles to art and design, from science and technology to ancient Egypt. It’s a perfect place in which to learn so much about the past, helping us to gain a further understand the world we live in today. There are millions of items on display and there are many exhibitions on at the museum throughout the year. You’ll find the National Museum of Scotland on Chambers Street.

Camera Obscura

This is one of the things to do in Edinburgh you won’t want to miss with 5 floors of different optical experiences that’s been around since the 19th century. You’ll find this amazing optical museum on top of the Royal Mile not far from Edinburgh Castle.

National War Museum

This is about war, and Scotland, and as you can imagine there’s a wealth of fascinating information to be had. You’ll find the museum inside the walls of Edinburgh Castle and as you can imagine, it covers many breath-talking stories of Scottish battles, with a plethora of military artefacts to keep you entertained, you’ll know so much more about Scotland after just one visit.

Dynamic Earth

This is another of Edinburgh’s 5 star attractions which you’ll find at Edinburgh’s World Heritage Site. This is a large eye-catching tent like building in the Holyrood part of Edinburgh, at the foot of Salisbury Crags.

It’s been open to the public for the past 15 years and was part of a funded project from the Millennium Commission – its mission, to tell us about the earth and its different environments and what’s in store for earth, giving us all food for thought as to environmental and climatic changes. It honours the life of James Hutton, described as the “father of modern geology,” whose work was completed mostly in and around the city.

Dynamic Earth sits on an old bottling plant and provides a fascinating insight into geology and environmental issues, past and present.

Museum of Childhood

This is definitely one things to do in Edinburgh you won’t forget in a hurry, there’s much here to keep both you and your children entertained, with games and toys from the past. It gives a fascinating history of playing through the ages and includes activities with puppet theatre and the one place your children will really love - a dressing up area. There’s a shop for your souvenirs and all in all, this is one great family experience. You’ll find it on The Mound in Edinburgh.

The People's Story

This is a fascinating journey into the lives of the people of Edinburgh from the 18th century to the present day. There are some fascinating displays including a mock up wartime kitchen, a bookbinder’s workshop and many real objects of interest that will prove a grounding in Scottish history. An old jail forms part of the building hosting this people’s story, adding to the sheer magic of the venue.

You’ll find it at Canongate Tollbooth at the Royal Mile built towards the end of the 16th century. Here, this was used to collect taxes and of course, as a jail, where there’s plenty to capture the imagination of both adults and children. 

These are just a tiny selection of things to do in Edinburgh, be sure to regularly check the Escape Edinburgh blog for more insight and ideas.