Looking For Things To Do in Edinburgh?

Try Escape Edinburgh For A Unique Experience

When it comes to thing to do in Edinburgh, some activities always spring to mind first. Visit to the castle or cathedral, see the pandas at the zoo, or go exploring the dramatic landscape surrounding the city.

These activities are all classic holiday choices, although there is much more to Edinburgh activities than that.

For a truly unique time, you want something a bit different. Of course you want to visit those classic places – they’re popular and world-famous for a reason – but activities in Edinburgh that are a little out of the ordinary will make your holiday much more special.

How great would it be to tell people about your trip and have them say ‘Oh wow, that sounds amazing’ instead of ‘Oh yes, we did that too’?

And of all the things to do in Edinburgh, you won’t find an experience more extraordinary than our selection of Live Escape Games.

Things to do Edinburgh - What is Escape Edinburgh?

Escape Edinburgh is a set of activities in Edinburgh with a difference. While other things to do Edinburgh may get you excited, nothing gets your heart pounding and your pulse racing like our Live Escape Games.

The objective is simple: you and your team have just sixty minutes to escape from a locked room. Beating the game isn’t quite so simple. You’ll have to work together; finding clues, completing puzzles, solving riddles, and discovering secrets if you want to get out in time.

From secret drawers to clues cunningly disguised in plain sight, each game room offers you a challenging and enthralling experience in a unique setting.

From an average family living room to the study of an antiques collector, you will need all your wits about you if you are going to escape from the room and beat the game.

Escape Edinburgh – a day out in Edinburgh with a twist

Our Escape games are suitable for all kinds of groups – students looking for a laugh, families wanting a day out together that will captivate kids and adults alike, stag and hen dos and birthday parties.

If you are looking for enthralling Edinburgh activities that go beyond the norm and take your day out to the next level, we’re the place for you.

Think you’ve got what it takes to beat our games? Read more about them to wet your appetite, then jump straight in and book your game today.