Escape Edinburgh, the Number 1 attraction

Escape Edinburgh only opened its doors in May this year, yet already the attraction is garnering rave reviews and was nominated by Trip Advisor as the capital’s Number One attraction.

The Escape Experience

Whether you’re taking part in a corporate team building event or want to spend a fun time with your friends, Escape Edinburgh offers a challenging experience. You will be locked in a room and have only an hour to find your way out. Your mission is to track down the safe holding the key that will unlock your route to freedom. In order to achieve success, you’ll have to solve puzzles, crack codes and look for clues in unlikely places.

You don’t have to be Einstein to play Escape

You will have to employ your skills of observation, your powers of deduction and use logic to crack some of the puzzles and codes. You will also have to feel confident enough to share some totally bonkers and random thoughts with your group, as these suggestions may help another person use their powers of reasoning and lateral thought. The whole experience will immerse you and you’ll find that the hour passes all too quickly.

The Classic Escape Room

This is a reconstructed living room where you’ll have to lift up objects and search for clues in the most unlikely places. You will be briefed on the scenario before the start of the game but then it’s up to you to find your way out. Expect to find hidden drawers, and locked boxes as well as other cunningly disguised objects. Some teams spend much of their time in the room just trying to work out where to start the game. If you want to read more reviews from some of our enthusiastic visitors, just visit our Facebook page, to date 973 people have clicked our ‘like’ button. The scenarios vary, so you’ll enjoy a different experience every time you visit Escape Edinburgh. It’s not just locals who take part in the Escape challenge; we’ve had visitors from all over the world.

The Da Vinci Room

This is the second of the live escape rooms. If you think of Da Vinci’s extraordinarily creative mind, then you’ll understand why we’ve named this room after the great man. Dan Brown’s Da Vinci code plays a major part in the shape of the game. You’ll be looking for the Holy Grail and will have to leave the room with this precious object. Of course nothing in the room is, as it seems. If you enjoy classic puzzles, cracking codes, as well as laughing with your friends, then you’ll really enjoy this new experience.

Booking is easy, and costs are competitive

It’s very easy to participate in Escape Edinburgh:

  • Assemble a group of up to five friends, though we can cater for groups of 10 for corporate events, but please contact us in advance.

  • You can either book online or you can give us a ring or book in person.

  • We are always flexible and will try to accommodate your needs.

  • Allocate 90 minutes for your experience, we will brief you before your session

  • Escape Edinburgh costs only £60 per session