Change the way you look at team building with Live Escape

Corporate team building, for many, conjures up the vision of 12 sweaty and soaked to the skin, anorak wearing employees, huddled together trying to build rafts in the middle of nowhere. Not many people look forward to these “adventures” and many attend purely because the boss told them to, or for the promise of a pint or two in the nearest pub after the hard slog is done.

However, there is obviously something to gain by getting your team involved in something else outside of the office environment, and helping your team to work better together can have a great effect on your bottom line. Employees who work well together are more likely to enjoy their job, making them more productive and less likely to leave.

So what types of team building activities are best?

You need something your employees will really get a kick out of, can draw on the strengths of everyone in the team and can really help to build and forge great working relationships between your staff. You also need something that is not dependent on all of your employees having the same level of physical fitness.

Many corporate team building exercises involve an awful lot of physical ability, and this is why some people can’t participate.

You need something, exciting, dynamic and with a bit of adrenaline thrown in for good measure. You need Live Escape.

Live Escape in Edinburgh is an innovative, fun and exciting new team building concept. Based on the premise that you are locked in a room and have to solve mental puzzles to get out. It teaches interaction and expression under adrenaline pumping circumstances.

Live Escape games are becoming increasingly popular in many countries and when it comes to team building Scotland, you should certainly consider Live Escape.

How does it work

There are two rooms, one light and one dark that work on different puzzles and challenges that will really test your team to their limit.

Imagine the scenario, your teams are put into one of the Live Escape rooms, the door locks and the clock starts. Your team needs to solve mysteries, puzzles and riddles in order to make it out within the allotted time limit (60 minutes) and escape.

You’ll find the mental stimulation benefits the whole team. Observational skills will also come into play, enabling every member of your team to contribute to the great escape.

Mentally stimulated and full of adrenaline, your team will thrive on the challenge, and this will spill over into their work for a long time after they leave the room. Live Escape is one of the most cost effective professional team building activities available and as you can book lunch and meeting rooms on site, there’s no reason not to make a day of it.