Enter the Enigmatic world of Escape Edinburgh

Escape Edinburgh is a fantastic opportunity for groups of friends,  budding cryptologists or those looking for a unique corporate team building experience to indulge in their passion for code breaking, puzzles and fun. You’ll be locked in a room for an hour with between 2 – 5 other people and have to use all your skills of communication, problem solving and code breaking to gain release.

Code breaking dates back to the Egyptians

For as long as humanity has engaged in diplomacy and war, people have developed codes to communicate with their allies. The earliest known evidence of codes dates back to 1900 BC, and there is evidence that most early civilisations used and deciphered codes on a regular basis. The Medicis and the Borgias were known to use cryptography, as were Arab mathematicians. In the UK, Francis Walsingham used ciphers to communicate with his vast network of spies in order to ensure that stability of Elizabeth 1st and to bring down her enemies, including Mary Queen of Scots. You won’t be defeating your enemies when you visit Escape Edinburgh, though you will need all the ingenuity of a spy to crack the codes and clues that you’ll find in our three live Escape rooms.

Life imitating art

The current film, The Imitation Game, recounts the story of the World War 2 Enigma cryptologist, Alan Turing and highlights many of the skills that you can use if you visit Escape Edinburgh. Turing was a skilled mathematician but he also had the ability to think laterally, or to put this in another way, he could think outside of the box. The film demonstrates the difficulties faced by the wartime code breakers and also focuses on the life of Alan Turing, for years a neglected hero. The film’s director, Morten Tyldum, has said that The Imitation Game celebrates those ‘who are not afraid to think differently, not burdened by normality.’ Here at Escape Edinburgh strongly urge you not to take anything for granted and to try and look for clues in extraordinary places. Share your thoughts with your teammates, however crazy they may sound; this is how traditional brain storming works.

Background to modern code breaking

During World War 2, when Britain and its allies realised that the Nazi Enigma code would have to be beaten in order to win the war and the call went out to recruit crossword specialists, mathematicians, linguists and intelligent oddballs to complete this task. Some of the secrets of Enigma were cracked by the Poles in the 1930s and handed over to the Allies just before the outbreak of war but many questions about this highly complex code remained. The motley crew assembled at Bletchley Park all had one thing in common; they had the ability to look at a problem in numerous ways. They appreciated that nothing is ever as it seems. If you want to prepare for a visit to Escape Edinburgh, take a look at the investigative challenge set by MI5, the UK’s Security Service. This short test will show you how to use clues to solve a problem. Turing’s work resulted in the building of the world’s first computer, Colossus, and even though we won’t ask you to build a computer when you visit Escape Edinburgh, you will be expected to use your imagination and skills of deduction.

Escape Edinburgh is growing in popularity

Rated by Trip Advisor, as Edinburgh’s leading visitor attraction and with 1,715 Facebook ‘Likes,’ Escape Edinburgh is constantly growing in popularity. Just visit our Facebook page and look at the photos of our successful escapees and read their comments. You don’t have to be a gaming geek to enjoy the experience, all we suggest is that you have a keen sense of curiosity, never take anything for granted and that you also are prepared to expect the unexpected. If you’re of a nervous disposition, don’t worry; you’ll be given a thorough briefing before you enter one of our three locked rooms and we never leave anyone behind.

Get in touch

If you want to put your skills to the test, then why not get in touch and contact us. We guarantee that you’ll have fun working with your team to crack our puzzles and gain release from our locked rooms. Good luck!