Things To Do In Edinburgh: Free Activities

Edinburgh is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities, not just in Europe, but the world. If you’re coming here either on business or vacation, then you’ll be looking for things to do to keep you occupied. If you’re on a tight budget, perhaps you’ve got the kids with you, you’ll be looking to save money, therefore we’ve come up with some free activities, things to do in Edinburgh that won’t cost the earth.

City Art Centre

If you’re into art, culture and music, then why not head down to the City Art Centre, where you’ll find exhibitions on anything from photography, art and design and architecture, and both international and local artists work on display. Indulge your senses and spend some quality time at the City Art Centre and forget the outside world for now.

The National Museum of Scotland

The museum is a perfect rendezvous if you love history and archaeology, and there’ll be plenty to keep you occupied here. There are nearly a thousand pieces here from different times in history and all of which should keep children happy for a few hours! If you’re in need of a snack and some coffee, then head for the Balcony Café where you can have a light lunch or visit the Tower Restaurant for something for exciting.

Arthur’s Seat

If you fancy getting outside, then perhaps you should head for Arthur’s Seat where you’ll get some spectacular views. Some even believe it is here that Camelot was located, who knows? All we know is that Arthur’s Seat takes up the views of St Anthony’s Chapel and there’s a steep climb to the top where you can see incredible views of the city. It’s definitely worth the climb, and don’t worry about accidents because the routes are all marked with signs telling you where you shouldn’t walk, and that way you and the family can have a safe, peaceful and fun day.

Dovecot Gallery and Tapestry Studio

How about a visit to the Dovecot Gallery and Tapestry Studio where you can see some breath-taking contemporary art and fine tapestry? There are some great workshops if you fancy a go and organised tours. St Cuthbert’s Parish Church is well worth a visit where you can here the majestic ten bells on a Sunday, and inside you can see exquisite wall paintings and stained-glass windows.

Escape Edinburgh

After all that excitement you might fancy a visit to Escape Edinburgh. No, a visit here isn’t free, however after all your day’s free entertainment you should have saved some pennies for a final hour of fun and games at our Escape Games in Edinburgh. Here you’ll get to be locked up in a room with a chosen group of friends as part of your team, and then you’ll have to solve a series of cryptic clues and puzzles, but you’ll have to find them first. We’ll see you later!

Things To Do In Edinburgh: Movie Fanatics

In our post this month we’re taking a look at some of the most famous locations where some of the best movies have been made. For those of you who enjoy visiting film locations, we believe that Edinburgh has its fair share of some of the most impressive. Therefore, we’ve chosen just 5 of the best, and you’ll soon see that if you’re a film fanatic, Edinburgh is the place to visit.

1 Chariots of Fire

One of the most famous sports movies of all time was filmed in Scotland and in the film the Edinburgh skyline and statue of John Knox both featured heavily. You can visit both while you’re in Edinburgh and enjoy Arthur’s Seat, where the skyline was viewed from in the film.

2 One Fine Day

One Fine Day was filmed in Edinburgh and starred Jim Sturgess and Anne Hathaway, who meet at the university and from then on spend their lives together. Moray Place, Forres Street and Arthur’s Seat all feature prominently as do other landmarks. It’s definitely a fun way to explore the city and remember the film’s most famous scenes, including that kiss on Forres Street.

3  Hallam Foe

This film is a comedy mixed with murder and intrigue was filmed on the Scottish Borders and in and around the city of Edinburgh including the Waldorf Caledonian Hotel and the City Art Centre. Why not even stay there? That way you can relive some of the film’s most famous scenes.

4 Cloud Atlas

This is another famous movie filmed in Edinburgh. This one featured Tom Hanks and Ben Whishaw with some scenes filmed in the city. The film covered a breath-taking 5 centuries so there was a lot to cover! Scenes were shot around the city covering the Royal Mile and Victoria Terrace.

5  Trainspotting Films

probably the most famous ones ever made in Edinburgh with key scenes filmed in and around the city throughout. The sequel made 20 years later was every bit as good and again featured Edinburgh’s most famous streets.

Escape Edinburgh For Games With Character

Finally, there’s our Escape games here in Edinburgh where you can get into character, any character and forget the outside world for an hour while you try to escape a locked room with a team of friends. Each room is themed, so you can be whoever you want to be. In the 60 minutes you’re trapped you’ll have clues and puzzles to solve before you get out – question is can you escape before the 60 minutes are up? Get in touch today!