Which Type of Escape Room Player are You?

Today, we’re going to take a look at what type of players come to play in our Escape Rooms. There are several different types and it’ll be interesting to see which one you consider yourself to be. We see a lot of different personalities here at Escape, we welcome all of them – question is, which one are you?

Firstly, are you a lock picker?

This is a good thing not bad, after all you’re trying to find your way out of a locked room in under 60 minutes. These are the types of people who think analytically and are good at problem-solving. They’ll go straight for the numbers game, trying to work out puzzles and how to solve them. They like to spin those numbers and work out as quickly as they can, how to escape the room. Actually, with us, it’s not about solving a lock combination, it’s about a team game, finding a series of clues and all working them out together.

The one who’s always organised

This is always a good thing and you should include one in your team when you come visit us at Escape. They’ll be really good at sorting out all the information, the clues, and assigning people with things to do. You’ll be good at prioritising and tackling difficult problems that are too hard for everyone else.

The born leader

You like to give directions, but you’re not overly domineering. You like to keep an eye on the team, and you’ll be eager to make headway as soon as you enter. You’ll be able to keep track of what’s going on and assigning people with certain tasks. Your role will be similar to that of the delegator.

The delegator

You carry the team, give directions, talk to them confidently and make them feel you’re their safety net. You’re insightful and see the bigger picture, you’ll oversee the whole thing in its entirety and then watch as the ideas work themselves out in front of you. You’ll lead and everyone else will follow.

The eagle eyed one

You definitely need to bring this person along! They’ll be able to spot a needle in a haystack and they’ll be brilliant for spotting and finding the clues. Don’t let them get distracted, make sure they only have the clues as their main motivation for being there. Sometimes sharp-eyed people are so good at spotting things they get easily distracted by another shiny object. Keep them on task with the clues and they’ll be one of your greatest assets.

Escape Edinburgh

Whichever type of player you are, we’ll have a role for you here at Escape Edinburgh. Our Escape Games are suited to every personality type and we know you’ll have a great time while you’re here. Just book your themed room online or over the phone and we look forward to seeing you here, whichever type of personality you are.

History’s Most Daring Escapes 

Escape Rooms require ingenuity and clever thinking, after all you have to escape a room in under 60 minutes and work together as a team to do it. If you don’t then there’s not much chance, you’ll get out within the hour. However, there are other escapees in history who’ve worked with far more challenging circumstances. We’ve chosen 4 so you can have some inspiration and the next time you find yourself in one of our escape rooms, you’ll be motivated to try that little bit harder.

1.Ronnie Biggs.

You may be too young to remember the great Ronnie Biggs, but he was part of the one of the most daring bank robberies in history. This was way back in 1963 and following his escape lived for 36 years in Brazil, which I’d say makes him a successful escapee. 

He was caught following the robbery, but while serving his sentence in Wandsworth Prison managed to escape after only serving just under 2 years of his sentence. He did this by using a rope ladder to scale the wall which conveniently dropped right on to a van. He then managed to get to Brussels by boat and then to Paris before finally settling in Australia and then Brazil. Oh, and before that he had plastic surgery and got himself a new identity, sounds like a made for TV movie right and straight to DVD, but really it ACTUALLY HAPPENED. 

2. The Great Escape.

If you haven’t heard of The Great Escape then I really don’t know what you’ve been doing and what kind of history you learnt about at school, but it’s one of the most daring escape attempts of all time. Not one person but 76 airmen attempted an escape from a prisoner of war camp in Germany. What’s more this particular prison was considered one of the most secure with precautions taken prevent any tunnelling. Clearly a waste of time because they tunnelled their way out, a 30fit long and 300ft deep one to boot. They hid the sand they dug up so know one would know what was going on and the reason they dug so deep was so as to muffle any noise they were making, so deep was it that they were able to have light bulbs to light the way in the tunnel. The point of this story is that the 76 strong group had to think to work together as a team and think in unique and original ways in order to find their way out. Can you? Next time you’re in one of our escape rooms we’d love to see the same amount of ingenuity and intrigue…please.

3. The Texas Seven.

Not to be confused with the Secret Seven. This a more dubious group of criminals rather than an innocent group of rich boarding school children looking for mischief and intrigue on an island. The Texas Seven were a smart group of well, seven people who managed to overpower 16 people in a prison (yes, another one) and then take their clothes and credit cards and use them to impersonate them. In fact, so clever were they that 4 of the 7 stayed behind to make phone calls to the tower guards so they’d be distracted. They eventually raided the tower and took some weapons and a truck and then drove off. The bad news is that they were caught about a month later. Six of them went to death row while the seventh took his own life. 

4. Yoshie Shiratori.

As you can guess this gentleman was Japanese and escaped prison 4 times in a 3-year period. He was in prison after being successfully convicted of murder and was sentenced for life. On his fourth and final attempt he even dug a tunnel, just to make things a bit more interesting. Eventually, I think his relentless attempt at escape and his ingenuity were rewarded by having a death sentence revoked and being paroled following 26 years in prison.

Escape Edinburgh – always ready for the most daring escape attempts.

So now you have it, some of the most daring escapes in history. We hope it motivates and inspires you to formulate your own daring escapes from one of our rooms. We can’t wait to witness it so book your room by either calling us or book online.