Benefits of Brain Teasers and Puzzles

The benefits of brain teasers and puzzles are many and we certainly have them at our escape games in Edinburgh. Brain teasers and puzzles are good for your brain as well as your body, giving your mind a thorough workout!  If you have a fit mind that’s dexterous and constantly working then you’ll be healthier in the long-run.

Research shows it’s worth giving your mind a workout

There’s even been research done into this area and it’s been discovered that mental exercise using brain teasers or number/word games can boost your brain activity, reducing the risk of dementia, helping to reduce boredom and improve your concentration and even increase your memory power. 

Cognitive skills, temporal and frontal lobes

All of this simply by doing regular teasers and puzzles. Using cognitive skills you’ll be using a part of your brain that helps with learning, problem-solving, remembering things and learning. This requires the use of specific neuronal networks. Memory skills rely on the specific parts of the temporal and frontal lobes which is behind the forehead. People can often be mistaken for thinking that simply reading a book or working out their taxes will enough on its own to give your brain a little work out, but really, it’s not enough. You need to give your mind a real aerobic run around, and that way your brain will be fighting fit. 

Escape games that test your brain power

If you’re not too sure what escape games are all about then let us fill you in. The normal humdrum day-to-day stuff you go through in your job is something you need to escape from every now and again. We provide an escape route from all of that. What’s more we fill it with enough puzzles and cryptic clues to challenge that grey matter of yours, so that by the time you’ve finished, you’ll be properly worked out.

So what’s it all about?

You’re in a room, a locked room (which you can leave any time if you’re not enjoying it) and it’s usually themed. You pick your theme, enter and then you’ll have to solve a series of clues and puzzles, line them up and once you’ve got them all, work them all out so you can escape the room. Oh and did we say you have only 60 minutes in which to do it? 

Yup that’s right. If that’s not enough to get your brain cells working then we don’t know what is. Why don’t you get yourselves down to us here at Escape Edinburgh and book your room. You can hop on a call to do that, and once you’ve booked it just bring yourself and your friends and family down and you can get started. It’ll be the best hour’s fun you’ve had in some time. 

Things To Do in Edinburgh: Hidden Gems

Edinburgh is a beautiful city, we know this, and no doubt if you’re visiting for the first time you’ll be paying attention to some of its most famous haunts. However, Edinburgh has some hidden gems that you may not know about, and we’re going to be talking about that today. Want to find out something different about this enchanting Scottish city? Well, read on and allow us to surprise you!

Thomas Riddell’s Grave

Let’s start with something truly magical and mysterious in keeping with Edinburgh’s medieval and Georgian past. After all this city must be full of ghosts and hidden mystery. Head towards the grave of Thomas Riddell and this should satiate your appetite for magic and mystery. Does the name sound familiar? Well, it’s rumoured to have inspired the creation of Lord Voldemort for the Harry Potter series of books. The name was spelt differently, but as she wrote her first Potter book not far from the Greyfriars Kirkyard where Thomas Riddell is buried it does make you wonder……

Meat Market Arch

This was opened well over 100 years ago and now only the entrance is left of the original busy Edinburgh Meat Market. The arch has been beautifully restored and looks identical to how it would have looked back in the 19th century.

Kyoto Friendship Garden

This gorgeous garden can be found at Lauriston Castle in Cramond. A Japanese Kyoto Friendship Garden that opened 16 years ago. Because Edinburgh is twinned with Kyoto it makes sense that this garden would be smack bang in the city. It’s calming blossom trees and relaxing water features give you the zen you’re looking for.

The Wild West

Yes, the wild west here in Scotland. If you sneak behind the Morningside Library, you’ll find a piece of the wild west and it’ll feel like you’ve stepped into and episode of Westworld. There’s even a jail and a cantina. Why? Well, it was built for an advertising campaign and here it still stands. Just let your imagination run wild.

2 Wellington Place, Leith

So it’s a dark and dirty door, which is quite apt really when you think that it is here that Irvine Welsh wrote Trainspotting at this very house. To be more precise, it was on the top floor flat where it all happened.

Escape Edinburgh

Once you’ve visited Edinburgh’s hidden gems you may be ready to visit somewhere where you can relax and have fun with friends. We’d naturally suggest that you visit us here at Escape Edinburgh where you’ll be locked in a themed room of your choice and left to find your way out within the hour. To do that you’ll need to find a series of carefully hidden clues and puzzles. Can you do it? Why not book your room today and find out!